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The most provocative, engaging, informative and entertaining site on Jamaican football (soccer)

About is presently one of the most, if not the most, influential Jamaican football website. It provides football news, and updates, discussion forums, player information and much more. It's primary users are Jamaicans (in Jamaica and around the world), as well as non-Jamaicans who are seeking Jamaican football related information.

Launched in 1997, it was one of the very few Jamaican websites covering The Reggae Boyz '98 World Cup Campaign to France. has an active online community of repeat visitors and loyal members to the lively, entertaining and informative discussion forum. It has been described by one member as a cross between true journalism and Jamaican labbrish. has been voted the "Best of Jamaica 2000, 2002 Sports and a winner of the "Jamaica Top 5 Surfers Choice Award" among other recognitions.

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Please e-mail us for more rate details. is operated by Paul Anthony Worldwide,Inc. and is not affiliated with the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). All rights reserved.