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Jamaica Bobsled Team

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The first Jamaican bobsled team made history in the Calgary Olympics Winter Games. They warmed the hearts of many worldwide in their first attempt at Olympic glory and was even immortalized in the popular Walt Disney movie "Cool Runnings". Since then the team has been a mainstay in the Winter Olympics and now have their eyes focused on bringing back a medal to Jamaica.

Jamaica bobsledIn the first games (1988) the team was seen as a novelty as they had many technically difficulties, injuries and crashes. In the second games (1992) the team had drastically improved. They had practiced hard for 4 years and were confident and focused. The 4-man team came in 14th ahead of the US, French, Russian and Italians teams. This was just the beginning. In the 2-man event the Jamaican team shocked the world by beating the Swedish national champions and coming in 10th place.

The team has continued to improve and took in 2000, and took gold at the World Push Championships in Monte Carlo in three events and posting the fasted start time at the World Cup.

The determination and hard work of the Jamaican team has paid off as they sent a teams to 2002 Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City, Utah. Theteam placed 28th in the 2 man bobsled race.

The Jamaican team: Mark Hill, Winston Watt, Lascelles Brown, Garnett Jones, Stewart Maxwell, Clive McDonald and women, Porscha Morgan, Winsome Cole, Taniesha LcLean and Dukelyn Barrett. The team coach: Trond Knaplund from Norway.

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