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Was the JFF correct in choosing Lazaroni as head coach of the Boyz
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Jamaica vs Guatemala
Lockheart Stadium, Ft Lauderdale, Fl.
October 2, 2004
Final Score 2-2

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Jamaica vs Panama
Senior Analyst (Member)

I sat for 5 minutes numb in disbelief and spent the entire night replaying every details of the game in my head. I left the stadium singing the only line I know from the popular song "just one of those days". It truly was something surreal, if we were playing Haiti it might not have been so difficult to understand what occurred last night. Something inside started searching to identify flaws in the coaching of the team which resulted in this loss but how can you advance such an argument when the team got at least 10 pretty good chances to win the game? We were the victims of poor finishing and conversion of relatively easy chances. What is also very interesting is the fact that we were let down by not one individual but several. I think there is still some aspect of our game that needs critical analysis and hopefully fixing.

Game Plan & Strategy
I am very disappointed that the structure we used against USA was abandoned. It appears that having gone behind early we panicked and instead of playing our usual game we started booting the ball from our defensive third into Panama’s defensive third using our midfielders as a net in a game of "foot" volleyball.

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