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ANTHONY-B Seven Seals
It's fair to say that in the past decade we've witnessed nuff tings in Reggae music, and all other genres (Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and Soul). Nowadays, slackness and corruption are dominating forces.
Drugs, sex and violence -all on wax/CD- are Babylon's top commodity, promising pleasure and material gain without discrimination. If you're willing to sell your soul, then you're eligible to get a record deal. Talent isn't a requirement. But even in these dreadful times, the Conquering Lion Of Judah, Haile Selassie I, assures there's always hope, and a few sincere artists willing to help make a positive change in this world. And therefore, it's a blessing to even hear conscious music that expresses love, unity and encourages peace.

"In the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God shall be finished as he has declared to his servants the prophets." ~Revelation 10:7

Anthony B, says that in the music industry, "The person you are keeps you going longer than your career." For this native Jamaican, who was born Keith Anthony Blair in Clarkestown in the parish of Trelawny, keeping it real is a must and his humble beginnings have kept him grounded. His conscious style of Rootz-Dancehall has been pivotal in changing the direction of Dancehall music from the gutter onto a path of spirituality.

Under the wing of producer Richard "Bello" Bell of Star Trail Records, Anthony B has garnered two successful albums to his credit, "Universal Struggle" and "So Many Things"; countless singles including Dancehall favorites "One Thing", "So Many Things", "Repentance Time", and of course "Fire Pon Rome"; as well as numerous awards including two for "Best New Artist" and also "Most Promising Artist" at the Tamika Reggae Awards and a Rockers Award for "Best Performance -Sting 96".

To date, Anthony B is recognized as one of the most divinatory DJ's to evolve in the past decade alongside, Capelton, Buju Banton and Sizzla. With "Seven Seals", his latest release, Anthony B says his aim is to "create a more firm stance and belief" for the millennium. The humble Rastaman of the Bobo-shanti camp, warns that he "doesn't stand up for White, Black, purple, pink color. Not skin, jus' truth and rights."

When I reasoned with the "Conscious Entertainer" on August 17, 1999, he and his Star Trail family had just completed tour dates in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, with Freddie McGregor, Aswad and Inner Circle. Recently, they've also traveled to Munich, Germany, for Reggae Sunsplash and the Reggae Super Jam, performing amongst Reggae legend Burning Spear, Aswad, Yellow Man, Kymani and Luciano. In a calm and serious tone, he zealously describes his latest effort, "Seven Seals", as his testament of truth. The CD's intro opens your I-rates instantly, as an Elder recites Revelation 5: verses 1, 2. With this CD, you'll definitely wanna listen more than once and penetrate the lyrics deeply. Anthony B's social commentary is very accurate. He strongly cautions his people to check the facts and warns, "As Black people this is our seventh millennium inna Egypt! So wi haffi open up our eyes, nostrils, ears and mouths. We need to speak, hear and smell right." Anthony B also says that love, respect and honor must be restored within our families and communities, or else we will con-tinue to suffer and self destruct. "As Rastas, we need to strive to use these teachings in our homes as parents. We need Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey in our homes so our children don't haffi go out of our home searching for role models."

At press time, the CD was set to be released in mid September and Anthony B was scheduled to perform in Montreal, Canada, for the annual, Montreal Jazz Festival, sharing the stage with the godfather of soul, James Brown. "Seven Seals", spreads Anthony B's sentiments of "righteousness" and his vision of judgement upon the earth. His commitment to maintain his positive stance and spread Rastafari's message across the globe despite Babylon's tactics to slaughter Jah messengers, demonstrates an immense effort of faith and courage. Good must conquer evil, he maintains. Having traveled the world over delivering righteous music, the young lion explains that, " All over di world, politics all di same ...taxes too high, light bill... the same cry deh inna Germany, inna Rome....It's a system designed to keep some people below a level, and some above.." That's the reason Anthony B, urges everyone, to seek Jah and live.

"Seven Seals" erupts with 18 red-hot tracks on an enhanced CD -that's a DVD style CD- equipped with video footage, a photo-album, a bio and link-up capabilities for listeners. From start to finish, the "Seven Seals" CD is universal. This "Conscious Entertainer", assaults politricks that is seeking to divide Rastas. "Cut Out That", one of three bonus tracks offered on the enhanced CD, shuns artist-competitions and back-stabbing rivalries, as Anthony B warns that unity settles all. "Ah disgrace in a music anytime bottle fling Stop from clash the Artiste dem ah Sting When the year done you wah hear ah who win Me no in a di DJ of the year thing Gear mi gear up fi go work for di King." "Seven Seals" potency is very thick, and tracks like "Conscious Entertainer" guide the listener into a deeper dimension of this gifted DJ's radically poetic reasonings. The production work on tracks like "Miracle of Love", "Wicked People" and "Conquer All", are signature-style proof that together, Star Trail's in-house production giant, Richard Bell, and Anthony B, are unstoppable. The album's sophisticated blend of rhythmic tempos are further enhanced on "You Move Me", produced by C. Levy of King of Kings. The silky smooth ballad, "Miracle Of Love", is filled with the kind of fluid harmonies and splendid horn and string arrange-ment that "Bello" is best known for. "Seven Seals" is destined to generate the love, raspect and props Anthony B deserves. VP Records guarantees that this promising new release will soar beyond listeners' expectations, and blaze it's way into the new millennium.

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